Thursday, November 26, 2009

College Life life...where to begin??
I moved to college a year and 4 months ago. I thought things would work out so perfectly and that I could just live life normal and not have to be so stressed.
But guess again? I knew it would be stressful but not so much as it is now!
College is the time to learn and the time to have fun and be on your own. That's exactly what I did. I went to school, I didn't have a job, and I socialized and had some fun.
Well that fun turned into not so much fun when I didn't have a job for my whole first year of college. Finances started going higher and I wasn't making an income.
Time to make some changes. I started looking for a job and finally found one during the summer. I dated some too, and still had my social life. I was doing good financially, and then work started making me way too stressed so I quit. That wasn't a good idea since I didn't have another job lined up yet. I went two months without a job and that wasn't good at all!!
Finally I found another one, which is my current one. I also got a car so that made my finances go up a lot! Haha Now I am getting some paid off and things seem to be looking up. Most importantly I am paying my tithing, working, and doing what I need to be doing.
I know I screwed up, and made mistakes but it looks like I always learn things the hard way. I learned my lesson so I have learned to do better and take personal responsibility.

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